Sad to say but SkidRoweRadio is officially off the air as of Feb 1st, 2016 after 16 years broadcasting on Live 365 [whom have shut down]. With nearly 19,000 favorite station likes and close to 2 million listening hours, I want to thank everyone who kranked out some Classic Metal & Vintage Hard Rock while annoying the neighbors or the cubicle next to you at work.

I was able to listen for about 4 hours Thursday in Florida while it rained at Mets fantasy camp. I will miss the random hard rock that never plays a song I don't like. It's back to dragging out CD's and records for my metal fix. I was fortunate enough to download the 860 song playlist and hope to rebuild it on a thumb drive so I can still listen to it at home, on the road and in the car. I will try to list it here too.

There are other avenues to broadcast SkidRoweRadio but this little hobby (and it's not cheap) will become sharing videos and information on Facebook for now. Maybe one day I may resurrect the station on another platform but for now a huge "Thank You" to all who supported SkidRoweRadio from around the world. Your emails of encouragement kept the station going strong for over a decade and a half.

Keep the faith, up the irons, on and on.

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