Playing over 72 hours of classic tunes straight from Skid's CD collection.


Comments from SkidRoweRadio listeners!

I love listening to SkidRoweRadio because I picked the tunes myself! Many listeners have emailed me from around the world, placed their mark on my world guestmap, relayed requests and suggestions, and asked questions about albums, CD's, and metal bands. Please feel free to email me thru the LIVE365 station page or click on the email button to the left and let me know what YOU think. Your comments just might end up on this page.

Rawk On!

I’ve been listening to your station for years. You’ve always done a great job, but you’re playlist over the last couple of weeks has been nothing short of phenomenal!!! Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you!!!

- Marcus Colon

Skidrowe: You are en excelent D.J. I love your collections. I am from China mainland, my English is not so good yet, so, maybe next time I will write more praise for you. Thank you, you make my day.
- Samding China, Beijing

I'm listening to this radio from RUFINO, ARGENTINA ... very good music I remember when I was young ... haha
- Danielito_1968

Wow lots of Old Def Lep thanks brother the tunes help my job a lot god bless Thanks for being the best. Its like I am playing all my old cds I am 46 and will never change the music I listen too. You could play a little more old Def Leppard from the fist two cds A little more old Kiss, Montrose, Ace Freely, Rob Halford . Twisted Sister. Now I need to find a woman who likes this kind of music. If you know any I sure would like to e-mail and rock out.
Thanks for all your money and time you put into this.
GOD BLESS YOU, God bless hard rock and Roll.

Let's Go Mets, You Rock, Pat Travers Fan, You Rock. I'm From Brooklyn N.Y. Where we hate the yankees. love your station, Bill Rose. go P.T.
- hitsallthetime

Just wanted to tell you how awesome the station is. Same shit I grew up listening to; not a huge fan of any of the newer stuff out. Wasn’t surprised when I saw the flying V in the pic with the UFO and Schenker you play. I’m a guitar player as well. Would love to hear Forever by Y & T. Keep it up.
- Sam Levitt

Quit playing shit singles from non hard rock or metal bands. REO Speedwagon is not METAL or HARD ROCK!!!
- steveo8810
(It doesn't have to sound like Pantera to be Hard Rock. REO in the day [before crappy ballads] were a rockin' band, how can you not like Roll with the Changes, Golden Country, or Ridin' the Storm Out? - Skid)

your music taste is ....bad....tacky is more the conformist viewpoint I have.... u suc!
- lysergia25
(Thanks! Up Your Irons! -Skid)

Compliments...the best metal radio online I've ever listen to!! By from Trieste, Italy.
- zaq4185

Damn what a great station..... Priest...Maiden.... Sabbath.... I love the music... I love the station!!!! btw..... this station truly rocks.... I've been a WRIF FM DETROIT listener all of my life.... not any more....
- benevolenttyrant

HI SKIDROWE RADIO FRIENDS, GREETINGS FROM ARGENTINA!! MAN THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD TO MY WORKSPACE EVERY DAY! Wow men... This Station really rocks! it should be named the best station in the earth. Regards from Bernal, Argentina!
- fedus

Just like to say what an amazing radio station. Rockhard, Rockfree!
- barndogbandit

shouting from Paraguay!! just found this station and it is for me one of the greatest i have ever heard! metal and rock honored as should be!
- chatenski

This station is what all metal heads need rock on!!
- elky71
Richmond VA

Skid, Just found ya... Finally someone plays something OTHER than "Love Hurts" from the "Hair of the Dog"!!!! Love NAZ!!
Chris Hughes
planO, tx

Fantastic music. Couldn't write a better playlist myself! Paul from Workington in Cumbria UK ;)
- roidrage62

AWESOME TONES!!!! Thanks for putting some real rockers out there! O.K. I have to say again....BRAVO!!!!! This is the shizz man, thank you for bringing it! Glad I found about some MSG?
- MarkyMark
( You might find a few MSG tunes in the playlist! - Skid )

Each day, I choose an "artist of the day". Today, it just happens to be Pat Travers. I perused the stations afforded me and decided to give you a listen. What an assault on my senses. I love Michael Schenker, in particular his work with UFO. I was astonished at the variety of songs you played by UFO. Not your usual FM radio staples. I really hated when my day ended at work. Needless to say, the day flew by and I worked with a smile all day. I do not have many presets on my account but you quickly made it.
- Robert

I am able to keep my spirit high and days are bearable in the office thanks to you guys ! Keep On Rockin!
- karasakal

heyy, great station, i listen to it all the time, i was kinda wondering y u dont play any Skid Row on the channel?
- ckobra
[I've had the nickname "Skid Rowe" since 1976, long before the band. I do play three songs from their debut album but they are pretty much a has-been hair band - Skid]

Hi, Just found your station and it is excellent. I am now playing this in our office and everyone loves the songs you are playing. We have a request - Blue Oyster Cult 'Don't fear the Reaper' You have new fans at Breathe Resourcing in Aylesbury near London! Many thanks. Cheers.

Chris Boyes
Managing Director
Breathe Resourcing Ltd

Hey, thought I would fire out you this e-mail to tell you that your station totally KICKS ASS!!. This is a shout out from CANADA!!
- Kidd

As we say in London Skid "You're the Guvnner" Just keep playing that metal!!!!!!

Jesus, I am so sick and tired of crap off of the usual "air" radio stations...... Thank you for the fresh new (old) music that I grew up listening to! rock rock till you drop.

A 40 year old fan,
- Darren

Thanks for continuing to put together the best metal radio stream on the 'net!
- Russ

I recently discovered Live365, and man, was I stoked to find your station! I listen all day at work, and the great tunes you play definitely help make the work day better. One request, though: you CAN'T call yourself an 80s metal station without a couple of songs on your playlist from the most famous metal band from the entire decade: SPINAL TAP!

Keep it up, dude!

Hello, I´m from Germany and I hear your great Music.
It´s wonderful to hear this Special sound.
Sorry for my English.

Stay Heavy,
Detlef ( a Metalmaniac from Germany )

SKID- Your playlist rocks! I was in high school when most of these bands were still small enough to go to house parties that I went to - Metallica, Judas Priest, Dokken etc. I had forgotten alot of these songs, but once I heard them, I remembered every word. This station was a great discovery on a night I had to stay late in the office when everyone else was gone. I would have been falling asleep and getting nothing done if I hadn’t stumbled across you guys. My keyboard isn’t too happy with all the pounding though. I’m gonna go drive 120 mph now - thanx!
p.s.-You need a channel on Sirius-the other metal one kind of sucks.;

Thank you,

Hello, You have Rockin' Station- Congratulations !!! Being the Zep fan that I have been for 35 Years, I know a good Zep song when I hear one. My email address shows "The Rover", of course ! I see that your Top 40, shows Zep's "Since I've Been Loving You". I have always thought that their live version of SIBLY, as seen and heard in their movie, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, is one of best versions of that song, -EVER- ! Can you play that live version on Skid Rowe Radio ? ? I think that would kick everybody's arse !!

The Rover, Irving, Texas

GREAT content and rotation!! Rock on!!


Too much Bruce Dickenson, I like Iron Maiden, but come on play something different. I seem to hear Bruce Dickenson singing a song every 15 minutes. I like RIOT you seem to play them alot, which is good, maybe more UFO and Michael Schenker. Thanks, Keep up the Metal!

Andy in Mattawan, Michigan

THANK YOU GREATLY for playing UFO, SCHENKER, SCORPIONS, early (!) MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, ZEPPELIN, ACDC, BOC, the ever-so-awesome Pattison/Schenker Summit album, & Pat Travers too. Ok, the early Sammy Hagar is cool also. Play more Hagar-era Montrose, early Savatage (hey, what an idea!), early Metallica (yes, MORE), & more Robin Trower. What else... maybe more early Aerosmith & Ted Nugent as well please.
Right, I'll stop now. Thanks very much for the great tunes & keep up the good work.

Dude, Of all of the stations on Live365 yours is the best!! Back in the late 70's and early 80's in the South Side of Chicago we banged our heads, now I can go back and headbang all over again listening to your station. Ok now for my request; Any Triumph, Anthrax (first LP only), Angel (fist LP only), and Any Thin Lizzy!! Keep us Metal Heads Rockin' !!!


Hi Skid, I recently started listening to your station, and I'm enjoying it so far, but I wanted to ask if there's any chance you can add some Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen to your play list?

Hi, thanks for creating some great music. You play a lot of songs that I love. I'm glad you added some Pat Travers. You even have me converted to UFO.
Thanks, John

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know that I think your station ROCKS!! Being an 'old school' metal/hard rock fan, it is difficult to find stations like this. This music keeps the work day a little more bearable.
Keep up the great work.

Rockford, IL

Hello, just to say that SkidRoweRadio is great. We do like this stuff in France as well. Thanks for the good time !

Excellent quality radio, and perhaps the best Classic-Metal Radio ever!

Hey, Just wanted to let you know I stumbled on to your Live365 station a few weeks ago and think you're doing an awesome job!!!! Thankfully my job allows me to listen to music while I'm working because the station has gotten me thru some long days. I'm an old school metal head myself and I'm frequently on trips down memory lane thanks to you. My first Metal show ever was Judas Priest and Iron Maiden on the Point of Entry/Killers tour when I was 14 back in 1981. The first Motorhead song I ever heard was White Line Fever around the same time and I've been a fan of all three ever since. I took a lot of crap back then for being into a lot of the NWOBHM stuff. Glad to see there are some fellow Riot, Y&T, Thin Lizzy, MSG and UFO fans out there and one representing as well as you do. Keep it up, you're doing a kick ass job.

Beverly, MA

Dude, I love your station! I keep it on all day at work. Can't hear this stuff on the radio anymore. Keep the good tunes coming and throw in a little TNT & Lillian Axe every now and then if you can. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!

Simpsonville, SC

And how did you break into my house and copy my entire cd collection??? Keep it up!!!!!

Cumbria UK

Just found the station and I am LOVIN' it! If you take requests... How about some GARY MOORE... !!

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for providing such an excellent radio station. You've the right mix, the songs are also my favorite ones. I listen to your station almost every day. Btw., how to join the Hall of Fame? [you just did!]
Have a good time!


You kick ass! You play all the music I grew up with. You seem to know the right artists. Keep up the good work. Whatever you do, never go off the air. Keep Rockin'!

Corona, CA

Damn great job on the play list!! ..keep the great music going!!


Your station ROCKS - I just marked it as my favorite on Live 365.
Up The Irons!

West Bend, WI

Hey man, you rock. Keep it up! We use to have a rebel station here called RPM - WVVX 103.1
Aaahhhhh, those were the days !!!!!! 1983 - 1993
Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Hey Man, I know this may sound strange, but I do believe there’s a good chance that we’re twins, separated at birth.  You play ALL the stuff I listen to and cut my metal teeth on, as it were, in San Antonio in the late 70s and all through the 80s. Take that MSG “Desert Song” you just played. It’s my fav song from that album. Dig the Saxon and Riot and Judas Priest (The Rage? No one plays that!). Love the early Maiden too. Thanx for rockin’ me out so excellently! Keep up the great work.

Houston, Texas

I listened to both stations.... They were both excellent. I also dug listening to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. I think it is amazing that most of these guys are still at it. Thanks for your efforts!


My name is John and love your station, just e-mailing to say thanks for getting me through the college day, keep up the great work.


Hey Skid, Just dropping you a line to let you know that I nominated you for best hard rock station and I hope others do the same!

-Leo - KBUZ-The Wolf
Duluth, Minn

I really love your station. You have great variety, love the classic metal not the speed or that new stuff but old school heavy metal. The old BOC is great. I've been listening to it at work for the past 4 months all day long at my pc and it's great. Keep up the awesome work.


You play the best tunes, much kudo's. ah! (I'm listening right now) I hear Biff Byford. I swear we must have the same music library. Thank's for playin Montrose too, that dude's sound is 1 of a kind. Have a good 1!


Skidrowe Radio is awesome! All the classic metal stuff I love plus some Christian metal mixed in, too. I listen all the time. It's incredible how alike our music taste is (UFO, Gary Moore, Schenker, Iron M., Scorps, JP, Saxon, etc.).

All the best,

Finally, a great music station , just want to say thanks!


All I gotta say is it's pretty bizarre how we have the same taste in tune's. You play SO many of the same band's, album's & cut's I grew up with. I'm 37 & live in Pa & was & always will be a headbanger. From Traver's, to MSG & Dio Sabbath (my fave), to of course Maiden, I always's enjoy tuning in & hearing what kind of flashback I might get. I just wanted to say, good job & up the irons! Have a good 1,


Yo skidrowe, I've been visiting Live365 radio, and got to your station... I really liked what you play there!


I love this internet radio which fills the void left in broadcast radio. You have a great station and do a great job. I will continue to listen and spread the word with my 80's metal friends.

New York

I really like your choice of selections. Particularly the large amounts of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, especially how they usually seem to be played immediately one after the other. Thanks,

Salina, Utah

Hey there.. just wanted to tell your station rocks. I listen to it when online playing rpg games.


I just made your station my favorite. For every hour I hear at least 40% of the selections that are covers done by all the bands I've been in the past 25 yrs. The odd thing about that is, songs like "Road Racin'", people would come up after the gig & say" Was that one of your originals?"(Canadian radio leaves alot to be desired is an understatment) Keep surprising me.

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Hi, just to tell you that you've got a damn excellent station: my favorite. Keep up the good work. Kind regards.

Antwerp, Belgium, Europe

I just found your channel on live365 and I've got to say its the best hard rock/metal station I've come across. Sure, music is a matter of taste. But I'm glad there is someone out there who likes what I like. Keep up the good work.


Great job.... man after my own heart with the music... how about an all Maiden & Saxon station....


I keep your station on all day at work, keep up the good work, nice hearing from you... Cheers,

Stockton CA

I happened upon your site via live 365. Never thought I'd find Bride, Whitecross, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest all together. I like it. Are you a Christian that still likes good metal from time to time (that's me)? or do you just know some good fret work when you hear it, so you don't put out the Christian bands? In any case I love what I'm hearing, thanks.


What can I say? Love the radio station but you've made me extremely lazy 'cause I don't even have to put a CD in now when I'm surfin'. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Staffordshire, UK.